TJ_GEORGE is a Kenyan citizen under 25 who just like any other person went through the same curriculum of 8-4-4 and just like any other person out there I was promised education was the key to success.

I was born and raised up in up country under the care of my sweet mum. May God add her more days for me I must surprise her big time. She wasn’t well off but did all possible to provide us with the basic needs.. I  am middle born  in the family and I thank God for being part of this amazing family. Growing up I learnt a lot from my surrounding as I attended a primary school near our sweet home. I at times wondered why my teachers who were like my mentors were also still struggling financial yet I saw them having all the education and still taught us EDUCATION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS.

Personally I thought success should also include financial freedom. Then I also saw my relatives who did drop out of school and started business and seemed doing much better than education elites like my cousins who were graduates and my teachers too. I didn’t get the answers so i kept of going to school hoping to get answers maybe in high school.

I did my KCPE and scored marks which landed me in a national school but since my brother older than me was also in high school, mum couldn’t manage both fees so I had to join a day school from a far land. Reason why I attended a school in a foreign land yet there were many day schools in our region is classified for now but I will say it one day I promise.

Of course I did my best and I remember coming top from first exam in term 1 form 1 to last paper that’s KCSE. Even though the school didn’t have much resources but I managed to a University Entry Grade and still being influenced with my teachers though my questions I had in primary I still had no answer for, I decided to be a teacher. My teachers really inspired me that getting a teaching job was easy so I had to consider it. So I registered for Bachelor Of Science (Education Maths/Chem) in one of the best Kenyan Universities. 

This became the turning point of my life……

I met a lady online who introduced to a company/forum where I could learn the money language and financial freedom. With an opportunity to make for myself at least 7k weekly. The presentation looked amazing and I told myself this is what I ever wanted though this amazing opportunity the person I’ve become is far much better than the money I’ve made.

I decided to focus much on this career than my studies and the reason i will tell you in one of my blog posts. So far the journey is amazing i have a team of over 400 active members and am making good money which is increasing exponentially paying my own bills, supporting my siblings, my mum and also saving well to invest with a goal of retiring from active work before I turn 32. 

I understood well the concept of helping others since as a TEAM Together Everyone Achieves More and right more I look behind and am glad I met someone who was doing well for herself, easy to talk to and ready to tell me the way, show me the way and walk with me the way.

Am therefore in a journey of creating at least 5000 financially free individuals from my team who don’t need a paycheck to live their dream lives. 

Courtesy of the business my mind have really expanded in the business world, financial education and my view of life and these are more precious to me than even the money I make. Right now you can give me a microphone in any crowd and i wont find it hard to deliver. I’ve also achieved ranks in the company and also at the moment one of the company trainers and top bloggers and web designers Global Internet Fortunes. There is No GIF member globally who don’t know who TJ is. 

Also i derive great joy when I see someone putting food to their table, pay their bills comfortably courtesy of my mentorship and coaching in the business and am glad to build a brand for my team #THE DREAM CHASERS.

One thing I also love about the business is the fact that it’s a business of fun too, we do hold events and give each person a chance to showcase their talents. And this is one of our numerous events we held and I was given a chance to showcase my talent outside business.

So if you’re one person who loves money, fun, teamwork and is interested in leaving a legacy and transforming the life of others, then welcome to my business and my person mentorship.


Am a teacher By profession, Networker By Passion And a Blogger By Hobby.

The reason being a networker is my passion is because the fun in doing it and the potential of it’s capability. In my quest to study wealth i noticed that the wealthy never made it to the top on salary but by building and maintaining a network thus leveraging on other people’s efforts. When I as therefore introduced to networking business where i can just start from the bottom and start making friends and get paid for doing so,it was like an answered prayer and i ventured into it with a lot of enthusiasm and passion.

Right now i have built a team of over 150 people in a span of 1  year and so months and in the process i’ve made money and above all improved the person am becoming exponentially. The business to me is like  a God sent opportunity to help as many people as possible be self independent and live a full life and be able to do all normal beings  should do without any limitations in terms of time and money.

So if youre the kind of person who wants more in life.. Then building a network is for you. But if you are the kind of person who always listen to family and friends and wants to please anyone then YOU CAN SAY NOTHING, DO NOTHING AND BE SUCCESSULLY NOTHING. Being SECCESSFUL is hard and being Poor is also hard CHOOSE your HARD because earth itself is hard.

Kimathi Kamundeh

CEO & Founder Of GIF

“TJ George is one of our very best trainers and a person worth knowing, being around and working with. He is also one our our very best web desingers and bloggers. I see a great future and potential in him. Keep the spirit TJ am super proud of you”

Camillus Konjalo

Sales Manager 

“My Good friend and Team Leader TJ is one classic gentleman that puts his best to what he does. He makes his teachings humerous and lively that the message will always funds it’s way into your soul and heart. Keep the zeal my good friend.”

Coach Mwende

Car Achiever & Ambassador The Unemployable Brand

“TJ is a great leader the whole Unemployable club and the whole GIF fraternity is proud of. He knows how to deliver his stuff to his audience well. He is good at what he does. Keep going leader am super proud of you.”

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