Dementia Care

At Mimshak Health Care we believe in a positive, life-enhancing approach which is demonstrated in exceptional experiences for our clients, delivered by teams who are committed to making a difference and providing care through positive relationships.

People living with dementia are no different from any of us in many important respects.
We all share the basic human needs for shelter, food, and warmth, to live safely, to have a sense of belonging in our family and social relationships, to feel valued, and to lead full and interesting lives.

Although dementia is a complex and progressive condition, we see it as our mission to ensure that everyone in our care is supported and is enabled to look forward to everyday with us, and their well-being is maintained through enjoying the simple but essential pleasures of good food and company in a warm and homely environment.

Nursing Care

Nursing care is similar to residential care, but with a team of qualified nurses to give support to people with a medical condition.

Our nursing teams are supported by local GP and external healthcare practitioners, making sure that patients receive the very best care.

Whatever their care needs, personalized care plans are created for each individual which not only look at care needs but also help us to get to know the person, their life stories and preferences so that they can truly feel at home.

Learning Disabilities

We support people living with learning disability to lead meaningful lives. 

Our learning disability communities support individuals to lead independent lives through empowering environments, understanding teams, and holistic care plans.

Our care is centered around the individuals we support, which is why they’re fully involved
in the decisions that affect their life. This includes co-producing their care plans,
monitoring their outcomes, and giving real-life insight and advice.

We encourage individuals to use their initiative and creativity, focusing on their abilities
and aspirations.
We recognize that individuals with learning disabilities can face barriers to accessing
health services so we’re proactive in ensuring they receive the same quality of service as
everyone else.
Each individual is supported as a whole person and nursing care is delivered to support
both physical and emotional well-being. Our teams act with integrity, honesty and a
commitment to providing the best possible care for each individual while truly getting to
know them.

Palliative Care

Palliative care, which includes end-of-life care, is support for people with a life-limiting illness to relieve their symptoms and improve their quality of life.

We understand that this can be a sensitive time, which is why our caring and compassionate teams offer support to patients’ families and friends, providing advice or an opportunity to talk.

As well as managing clinical needs such as pain, sickness, tiredness or loss of appetite,
we look at a person’s overall wellbeing including emotional, social and spiritual support.
The patient’s home works together with the family and friends, to create personalized
care plans and get to know the individual and what is and isn’t important to them to make
their life as comfortable as possible.

Palliative care can be used at any stage during a terminal illness and alongside
treatments, therapies and medicines that control symptoms.

Mental Health

We support people with mental health needs on their road to recovery
Our services have been developed for and with individuals with mental health needs to
re-establish their mental wellbeing, sustain independence and prepare for a move into
supported living or their own home.
We encourage individuals to be ‘active citizens’ and take ownership of their lives by
building relationships in their community through hobbies and interests, gaining voluntary
work or employment, being physically active and having the opportunity to learn new

Neurological Care and Rehabilitation

We offer support for adults with complex physical disabilities or health needs resulting
from a range of neurological conditions. Our services include short or long-term
rehabilitation options or long-term home environments.
Each individual is supported by a key worker to help review their therapeutic goals,
independence skills and ‘whole life’ aspirations. Through our services and supportive
environments we empower people to reach their potential and be involved in their


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