Meet The Millionaire Student

I came from a family where everything you asked for is struggle. You get what’s available not what you want.

Being raised without a consept of what rich or poor is makes you get mature at an early age. 

I met a great opportunity which switched on the lights for me….

Fields of expertise


A great domain makes it easier for your Customers to remember you. 


Having a Great content in your website makes your visitors want to come back.

Web Hosting

Do you want a website which is fast, secure, user friendly, mobile responsive and 99.9% live?

HLS Sanitary Pads

Our cotton and jel made pads with a magnetic strip helps manage more than 60% of female reproductive system related challanges. Try us today and save thousands you could spend on gynaecologists.

Healthy Living Awarenes Pads

What challanges do you go through during your periods? Do you know anyone who faces cramps, mood swings,fatigue, hormonal imbalance, fibroids, itchiness and irritation during their periods?

Take Your Brand/Biz Online

Do you know a friend who runs a business, is an upcoming entrepreneur, public figure or professional?  Recommend them to us to get a website and get compensated

Blogs & Articles

Reviews About TJ George

TJ George is one of our very best trainers and a person worth knowing, being around, and working with. He is also one of our very best web designers and bloggers. I see a great future and potential in him. Keep the spirit TJ am super proud of you.
Kimathi Kamundeh
CEO & Founder Of GIF and Board Member at KENIC
My Good friend and Team Leader TJ is one classic gentleman who puts his best into his work. He makes his teachings humorous and lively that the message will always find its way into your soul and heart. Keep the zeal my good friend.
Camillus Konjalo
Sales Manager
TJ is a great leader the whole Unemployable club and the whole GIF fraternity is proud of. He knows how to deliver his stuff to his audience well. He is good at what he does. Keep going leader I believe in you.
Coach Mwende
The Unemployable Brand Ambassador


Work With Me

In the journey to the top you need a mentor and an opportunity with the necessary principles to make your dreams valid.

I focus much on the growth of my team as am one of the articulates of SERVICE TO MANY LEADS TO GREATNESS and the famous say of Zig Ziglar connotations


You will get all you want if you simply help enough others get what they want


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