10 Deadly Sins In Network Marketing

1.Over inflating your income, product or opportunity. In other words, lying. There are no secrets in Network Marketing. You’ll be branded a liar.

2. Being a bully. There’s a difference between being strong and being rude. This comes from insecurity and it will destroy your influence over time.

3. Talking negatively. Some people get their significance from being the bearer of bad news. This will put you in the “difficult” category in the company leaders’ eyes.

4. Inconsistency. This is the thief of your success. People will lose faith in you. Make sure to create a baseline of activity every day.

5. Spending more than you make. This has the potential to put you in a desperate situation and make you compromise your ideals.

6. Stealing distributors. This applies to your own company or other companies. Don’t be a predator. You’ll regret it. Have integrity.

7. Sleeping around. If you’re single, doing this will hurt production and create distraction and drama. If you are married, it’s worse. And believe me, everyone WILL find out.

8. Being a public addict. If you wouldn’t get drunk at 2:00 pm on Wednesday at the office, then you shouldn’t get drunk at the convention.You only have to get sloppy one time and you’ll lose respect.

9. Demanding the stage. The disease of ME. This will build resentment in your organization and you’ll chase away good people who could have been influencers.

10. Living in a success coma. Some people make a little money and then they just stop doing what got them there in the first place. This happens when what started being all about us, didn’t transition into being all about others.

Don’t let your hunger make you step over the line and commit these sins. Doing “whatever it takes” to succeed is a dangerous idea. When there’s a line, don’t step over it. If you do, be smart enough to step back and own your decisions and the damage you’ve done. Then apologize and show you’re sorry by changing your behavior and waiting for forgiveness.

Which one have you experienced or seen happening and what was the long term effect?

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