About WhatsApp Ban And Remedy


This is a situation where you can’t access your account because you went against the rules of the owners of the app thus they temporarily disable your account thus you can’t access it.

Reasons for whatsapp ban

♦ Texting so many people who haven’t saved your number

♦ Texting so Many people with similar message.

♦ Receiving similar text from so many people you haven’t saved their number.

♦ Texting new numbers numbers ( many) while offline and opening data for the messages to go.

♦ All of these are termed with whatsapp as _SPAMMING_

♦ When so many contacts have blocked you, whatsApp suspects something suspicious about your account.

*How to avoid being banned*

♦ If you can find a way the chat begins from them, the better

♦ IF you have to text so many numbers, do it periodically like 50 after every 3hrs until your account gets mature.

♦ Avoid replying to greeting text from them if it’s first text with similar messages like if they have just began the chat with HI, change the replies ( hi too, hello, Sasa….)

♦ Don’t inbox many numbers with similar text, change after forwarding to each 15, greeting messages are so many, you can’t lack ( Hello, Good morning, βœ…Hello, *How are you friend πŸ‘‹* β­• β­•, *Hello πŸ‘‹**Morning*β­• πŸ‘‹*, *How are you* β­•, πŸ’« ✨ ✨ *Hi, How are you doing?*β­• β­•.

♦ Avoid having so many pending chats, try to reply to all you chats without accumulating them.

♦ Tell your prospects to save your number.

♦ IF someone tells you not to text them again and that they block you, just leave the conversation at that point, your account is more important than the pig.

♦ It’s important you clear your chats not replied to esp. In 3rd party many blue tick and don’t reply back, it’s important you delete these chats to avoid jam in your app performance and being marked as having so many chats with the recipients not saving your number.

♦ Let them text you with different messages. If you directed to text you in whatsapp, give them different approaches, ( How, Add me, Show me, Money….. )

*Further solution*

♦ Avoid spamming ( reasons that can lead to ban) in your main account. You have so many accounts then after someone have attended the training or they show seriousness, these are the people you transfer to the main account. This will ensure even if you lose the other account, you don’t count great loses.

♦ I advice not to use whatsapp business for spamming ( sending bulk messages) you can use other whatsapp BUDA apps( yo whatsapp, GB whatsapp, fm whatsapp.. Etc)

πŸ’₯ Join as many active groups as possible to increase the number of messages you’re receiving to match the ones you’re sending.

πŸ’₯ Use all functions of WhatsApp to avoid being marked as over using one feature. Upload statuses, view statuses, record audio, chat on groups, call πŸ€™ someone via WhatsApp, and avoid staying offline for many hours.

*Consequences of being banned*

♦ You lose chats

♦ You lose broadcast

♦ Your business will be affected drastically. *What to do if banned*

♦ Write a ticket ( tickets) to admin department via support claiming you are ignorant about what happened to your account, or request a review within the app.

πŸ“Œ When you are unbanned and you had several pending chats. Avoid replying to them instantly infact if possible delete the chats. Or reply in bits with different replies. Your account is now being watched with WhatsApp robots.

♦ IF it’s first time or your level of breaking their rules wasn’t that much, they’ll unbaned your account within 24hrs after writing the ticket, if they don’t, you can write but incase they don’t reply back. I’M SORRY TO SAY THIS πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

♦ *There are higher chances your account will remain banned for the next 60-90days*

♦ At times if whatsapp business is banned, you can successfully sign the number in other whatsapps but don’t spam or it’ll go for 3months

♦ Prevention is better than cure so if there anything have left behind, you can ask Google or get in touch with me via the button below . *SHARE THIS MESSAGE WITH YOUR CHSMPIONS, THEY MAY NEED IT IN FUTURE NOW AND IN FUTURE* .


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  1. Very helpful upline thanks for sharing.. I have been waiting for long to learn about this because it has been a challenge in my business…
    Well noted and I’ll implement

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