How To Make August Your Best Month Of The Year.

NEW MONTH IS HERE, BUT HERE IS THE CURVIET. if you do things same way you did in July it will just be the same, nothing is going to change. If you want to know how the next 30days will be, look at the last 30.But if you’d like to change everything this new month you can because if you change everything will change.

Make a list of the things you wanted to do in July but procrastinated or gave excuses about and starting working on them now.If it was comfort zone. Get out now and just do it, make a decision and still to it just for the next 7days and then stretch it to 14days and to 21 and to 1month.

Come back and review your progress at the end of the month and compare it with August. Am sure you’ll see a different month you’ve never imagined.If it’s starting a business you’ve been postponing then here is the right time to get started, right now. The best time to plant a mango tree was 5yrs ago and the second best time is now: those who planted 5yrs ago are harvesting fruits while those who gave excuses are buying fruits from those who planted. If it’s saving starting small and stay consistent.

Same applies to business those who didn’t start months ago are now customers of those who didn’t start. And those not starting now will be customers of those not starting in days to come. If it’s a sales business or network building business, then who who don’t start now will be part of a network of those who start later.Kill the procrastination today and just do it.

Waiting is over and waiting for lights to turn green is poor strategy as the lights turn green whenever you press the button. Do you think lights were green when your parents conceived you? Were they ready?

DREAM BIG, START SMALL and START NOW. From the Archives of The Million Student TJ GEORGE TMS. Happy new month ahead, let’s make August count. Click any of the social media icons in the bottom of the screen to join my team.

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