#1. Create a check-schedule

When you bring new team mates on board, you want to check in with them and make sure that they have gone through the getting started instructions that you send them and that they are comfortable with the process,Most important is that they are going to need to know the process of sharing the products and the business. Work with them deligently and make sure that they are comfortable with the process.

#2. Plug them into the community ASAP.

You want to get your people around other people who are having success either with the products or with the business,This will help them set the vision of what they just became apart of, and will let them know that it’s bigger than just them and you as their upline.Get them all the scheduled events so that they get a chance of meeting and interacting with other people.

#3. Share testimonials and success stories.

Typically we do this before someone joins, but we forget how important it can be if you do the same to someone who already joined,This will keep the belief levels high and let them know that the business they just joined works and works for other people too.It will also help them to get committed to the task.

#4. Get them to a company events.

Our network marketing company, has events that it does either once, twice or thrice a year,Make sure that they have that scheduled in their calendars.Tanya Aliza, says that she has been in network marketing industry for overa decade, and she can categorically mention that those who attend company events do not quit.Finally and the most important point is..

#5. Get them results as soon as possible.

This is basically the most important thing to do as an upline,Work with them closely within their first thirty days in business,and help them get results,This will make them feel accomplished, and more likely will stick with the business.

Have you learnt something? Share with me your thoughts in the comment section.

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