How to Bring More Value To The Market Place

All of us have 24hrs in a day which everyone make dollars. But the amount of dollars each make varies depending on the impact on brings to the market. Some make $0 others $10, others $50 e-cetera.So you get paid for the level of effort you brings to market. Even though it takes time to bring value to the market but you are not being paid for the time, you get paid for the value.Why would the market pays one $0 a day? Because they are not valuable.Why would the market pays one $5 a day?

Because you are less valuable to the marketWhy would the market pays one $20 a day?Because you are not that much valuable to the market. But your scalability/valuableness is getting recognized.Why would the market pays one $50 a day?Because they are valuable to the market.Can the market pay one $100 a day? Yes it can because there are people breathing the same oxygen who are already doing it.Can a new person make $50 a day? Yes very possible. By making up in numbers what you lack in skills.If I talk to 500 people and 20 attends the training while if you talk to 500 people, 50 attends the training and we happen to have a competition on who will have many guests, what can I do?As you talk to 500 and get your 50 attending the training. I’ll talk to 5000 people and get 100 attending the training . I win and you lose; maybe you were my mentor. I beat you. It looks interesting right? Good now ensure you learn as you make up in numbers what you lack in skills because the law will automatically work out for you.*ONCE A RATIO BEGINS, IT TENDS TO CONTINUE*⭕ ⭕ ⭕

You find new champions having this complain.*_Upline_* : How many guests did you have for training today?*_New champion_* : None.*_Upline_* : Any challenge? Why?*_New champion_* : I invite they don’t attend : People are so negative : They are so inquisitive : This business doesn’t not work Upline: So how many people did you invited? *_New champion_* : 2/ None *_Upline_* : How many people did you talk to to get 2/ No confirmations? *_New champion_* : 7. *_Upline_* : How many hours are you online a day? *_New Champion_* : 2-3hrs. See I’m employed, I can’t afford data to be online the whole day, if I look at my screen for many hours my eyes hurt…. Bla Bla Bla *_Upline_* : (inwardly) _why do people make excuses for their failures after signing up? I wonder if they’d started a shop they’d have such excuses like, “if I sit for long my sitting apparatus gets lost 😂, if I watch many series my eyes hurt etc” _. Okay excuses sound best to the person making them, GUESS WHAT,, IF YOU WILL CHANGE, EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE. // WHERE DO YOU IS THE PROBLEM //SO HOW CAN I ASSIST IN THESE? *_New champion_* : _Gone silent_ ……. So where is the problem? Is it in the upline, business, services, compensation plan, support system or the company?Absolutely on the new champion.The rule is 10:1. From every 10 serious people be sure of 1-4 attending the training to the end. Many leave meeting half way.Now let me address this issue of how can you manage your time.1. Have strong goals. Written down2. They should be distributed into short, middle and long term.3. Have a daily plan/routine and master plan4. It won’t be easy waking up 3am if you are not used to but doing it consecutively for 21days ( fast adapter) 66days (slow adapter) will make you a pro5. If you can wake up by your phones alarm, download and app called alarmy from play store this(siren) will give you sums to calculate and it will only stop if you get them right. Sums like this 12+15*4÷2-23 and you are to get it within some seconds if you fail it loads another one. This will keep you awake right away. Or wake up and run up, down the stairs 5times or connect your phone to woofer after setting alarm. 6. IF YOU DON’T PLAN, YOU ARE PLANNING TO FAIL.7. Don’t sleep when tired, sleep when done.8. You better pay the price now (2-5yrs) to wake up late for the rest of your life than enjoying now to go through someone else authority 8-5 job analogy for over 40yrs.9. Have a to do list and if you don’t achieve it, make it again for tomorrow, you can punish yourself if you haven’t achieved your goal for the day.10.

Set goals in terms of daily targets as you look into weekly, monthly, and yearly targets.11.Have daily goals like♦ Number of contacts♦ Number of confirmations♦ Number of free sign ups♦ Personal development♦ Statuses to update♦ Number of follow ups♦ Income.Have weekly goals like♦ Income♦ Number of guests♦ Rank♦ Team support♦ Book to read. PERSONALLY I JUST COMPLETED THE BUSINESS OF THE 21ST CENTURY BY ROBERT T KIYOSAKI. AM NOW ON MY JULY BOOK. With such goals you will be having engines to push you and stop having common school analogy of waking up being in morning going to school, going do lunch, going back to school, going home for 8 or so year. Some champions does their business that way, wake up be online, go offline, come back online, watch statuses, go offline, day is over wait for tomorrow then on Friday Inboxing the upline WHY I’VE I NOT BEEN PAID?Actually at times at times this is how I interact with my team :*_TJ_* : Good morning Godfrey? *_Godfrey_* : Good morning upline. *_TJ_* : That’s great how is your business for the past 7 days? *_Godfrey_* : Not that good. *_TJ_* : Not a good report. *_Godfrey_* : What can I do about it upline? *_TJ_* : I prefer you don’t do whatever you’ve been doing the last 7days so that the next seven days be different. *DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN EXPECTING DIFFERENT RESULTS IS CALLED INSANITY.*⭕ ⭕ ⭕ *_💎 💎 IF JIJI APP ISN’T WORKING FOR YOU, DON’T DIE THERE, GO TO FACEBOOK, TANTAN, TINDER, IG, 3RD PARTY UNTIL YOU FIND WHAT WORKS OUT FOR YOU,_*If you’ve learnt something let me know below exactly what you’ve learnt. From the archives of NETTYCOON *® TJ*That was my presentation, Thanks all for tuning in.Back to you

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