1. Extremely High-Absorbing Pad

Due to this it ensure your dryness throughout the day. Therefore you focus your daily activities without any shyness. Most ladies when they are on their period are insecure when they sit somewhere and are rising up, they will confirm to check if all is well.

2. Extremely cozy or soft cotton

Our pad is in order to avoid itchiness and irritation. Am certain you’ve seen a lady scratch themselves which maybe unhygienic according to you. This is at times caused by the pads they use. Our pad will help manage this a great deal.

3.Enhanced Circulation of Blood

Blood circulation is enhanced by far-infrared radiation. FIR (Far Infra Red) heat can improve blood flow, which may lessen menstrual pain and improve reproductive health in general.

4. Incredibly thin PAD

This means that no one will know you’ve put on a pad making you confortable and confident all day. Our pad is designed to achieve this.

5. Permeable/ Breathable Lower Layer

Our pad Removes Heat and Moisture to Keep You Fresh All Day by allowing air circulation.

6. Anion and Far IR 

The Magnetic Strip provides 3 natural energies (magnetism, anion and far IR {infrared})Eliminates Odour & Kills Bacteria that mosty causes infections in the reproductive system. This will reduce resources being spend on medications. The anion and IR help Reduce Menstrual Discomfort. Reduces fatigue and ensure you are energetic all day.

7. Soft Air-Laid Paper: Boosts Freshness and Softness.

8. Superior Film Bundle for Enhanced Hygiene

9. Extra Large Wings to Stop Leaks on the Side.

10. Calming and revitalizing/Refreshing aroma of nature.

11. Separately Packaged Pads for Secured Sanitation. This ensures even if your pads are inside your bad with other items, they don’t get contaminated or in directed contact with other items in the bag.

12. Extra Soft Surface: For Exceptional Comfort & Freshness Throughout the Day.

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