Business Concepts in Kenya to Launch with Ksh10,000 in 2023

  1. Network Marketing

The fact that with everything going online, most companies are using the internet to generate leads. There are quite a number of companies in Kenya with what it takes for a youth to start from scratch and grow to the top. These companies offer the trainings required to succed in marketing their products and services and many you need less than 10k to join or get the customer pachage or the service you’ll use to make the money. You may consider GLOBAL INTERNET FORTUNES as it’s Kenyan, over 10yrs in the market and they have physical offices to offer coaching and with best support system for both a beginner and pro.

2. Mitumba Camera Enterprise

At least two million Kenyans work both directly and indirectly in the second-hand clothing industry, which is quite popular in that country. Low entry barriers are one of the distinctive features of the mitumba industry, at least for the small traders who sell these products after they have been delivered to Kenya.

Middle-class Kenyans have a distinct market for used clothing because they can afford high-quality, and occasionally luxury, brands for an affordable price.

However, these customers are unwilling to travel to Gikomba early in the morning to look for these premium apparel items, which dealers compete for every morning when the bales are brought to the market, typically between 4am and 6.30am.

The business plan is rather straightforward. All you need to do is get up early and keep an eye out for expensive mitumba clothing, sometimes known as “camera clothing.” You can purchase a sizable stock of baby garments, lady clothes, T-shirts, and shirts for Ksh8,000. With the exception of shirts, men’s clothing is often pricey, so starting with Ksh10,000 may leave you with a little stock.

While men’s shirts cost between Ksh100 and Ksh300, skirts cost as low as Ksh100, lady tops and unisex t-shirts cost as little as Ksh50, and baby outfits cost approximately Ksh200.

Once you’ve purchased your stock, all you need is a smartphone with a respectable camera, wash your garments, and iron them before taking beautiful pictures of your winnings. You can showcase the brilliance of your diamonds by using relatives and friends as models.

The next step is to create a page on a social media site, such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, or Tiktok, and begin selling your goods. In the photography industry, high-quality men’s shirts cost around Ksh 700, while t-shirts cost Ksh 350, lady tops Ksh 200, and baby garments Ksh 500.

Nearly every product has a 100% markup, so if you sell effectively, your first stock should net you at least Ksh16,000 in revenue.

Consider investing Ksh2,000 of your initial funding on online marketing on e-commerce platforms, as well as on Facebook and Instagram, which charge just Ksh200 per day, to boost your sales. Depending on how flexible your budget is, you can also think about using micro-influencers.

3.Rental Houses Agent

In Kenya, there is a yearly housing need of Ksh250,000 but only 50,000 units are built, according to UN-Habitat. House hunting is one of the most challenging tasks for non-homeowners.

I can tell you from experience that it can be quite challenging to match your budget, house size, location, amenities, and security, among other factors.

Unfortunately, the choice is made after spending several hours seeing homes, some of which are spread out over sprawling, dusty estates.

Imagine if you could complete all of these duties by simply clicking a button on YouTube or social media. You might generate money by helping potential tenants with their searches, particularly in urban areas where there is a decreasing amount of free time for these activities.

All you need is a professional camera, or if you already have one, a smartphone with a good camera. You may either learn the fundamentals of video editing for free on YouTube, or you can hire a freelancer to do it for you.

Following your investigation and viewing of the rental properties, you would make a video of each one and invite anyone interested in renting to contact you.

The tenant, who has saved a lot of time thanks to your information, and the landlord, who gains from a simpler method of contacting tenants, can then each pay a tiny fee to you.

4.Cooking at home

Due to time constraints and the ensuing exhaustion, more people today do not have the time to cook meals at home as a result of the pressures of modern work.

Some Kenyans cannot afford a housekeeper to assist with cooking duties, but they still do not want to spend money on hotel meals, which are frequently more expensive options.

An individual or business owner can run this line of business with the assistance of workers who are enthusiastic cooks. Then, for a price, you brand and market the company to draw customers who will schedule an appointment with a chef to come to their home on a particular day, prepare many meals, and store them in a fridge or freezer.

5.Travel and Tours

Kenyan society now places a strong emphasis on domestic travel. There are several business opportunities for travel and tour providers within the expanding sector.

Most businesses in this sector coordinate trips in popular tourist destinations like the Kenyan coast, the Aberdares, Mt. Kenya, and Naivasha with hotels and airlines.

However, Kenya is plenty of scenic and adventurous locations that haven’t yet become well-known as popular travel destinations. You merely need excellent research abilities in some of these fields and a smartphone camera with a decent photo to break into this business.

The next step is to choose exciting vacation activities or locations, and create a package. You might need a transportation budget to decide whether the location is appropriate for a commercial trip group. While some locations are gorgeous, they may be hostile to tourists or demand visitors to pay guide fees to the locals.

The internet has made it easier for people to start tours and travel firms because they often only need exceptional research, an eye for beautiful locations, and funds for marketing and advertising.

Once you have a competitive advantage, all you need to do is market, and since customers typically pay in advance, you can utilize that money to cover the costs of the trip, such as transportation, guide fees, and meals. The Ksh 10,000 is quite effective.

Once you have a competitive advantage, all you need to do is market, and since customers typically pay in advance, you can utilize that money to cover the costs of the trip, such as transportation, guide fees, and meals. The Ksh10,000 can go a long way toward establishing your online presence on social media through paid advertisements, graphics, or a simple website.

6.Brokering of agricultural products

It has long been said that Kenya’s economy is supported by its agricultural sector. Due of the disconnect between suppliers and consumers, it also has some of the least satisfied stakeholders.

When I first visited Kinangop, I overheard farmers grumbling aloud about how the price of cabbage had dropped to just Ksh4 per piece. Since the costs of milk weren’t much higher, several farmers decided not to sell their cabbage and instead chose to feed it to their cows.

I was astonished to learn that the price of the cabbage was Ksh40 each piece when I got back to my Roysambu apartment.

City residents complained about the high and low cabbage costs, which they all attributed to dishonest brokers. A broker who will be more impartial toward the two parties has a tremendous potential.

To lower the high cost of travel, which is primarily brought on by bad roads, you may work with farmers to organize their produce in one central location and purchase at a higher price. For instance, the cabbages in our example may be purchased for Ksh10 at the neighboring highway, delivered to the city, and then sold there for Ksh25.

In the case of the cabbages, Ksh10,000 would buy you 1000 cabbages, and you would partner with a transporter to deliver them to the city, splitting the earnings. The total profits each trip would be Ksh15,000, which, when divided equally with the transport provider, is still a respectable wage for a full day’s work.

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