1. You cannot leave your job to your children.

If you work for the government or a private company, you cannot leave your position to your offspring. Your child cannot inherit your sweat and many years of labor even after you have worked for 35 years and are a Permanent Secretary, Vice Chancellor, or CEO of a public firm. However, your Network Marketing Organization position might be left to and inherited by your child or another close family member.

2. Your earning potential is UNLIMITED in network marketing.

Your capability determines how much you will make. You choose your income because YOUR NET WORTH IS DETERMINED BY YOUR NETWORK. However, as an employee, your employer sets your wage/salary. The amount you can make has a LIMIT.

3.When you work hard for just a few years in network marketing, you get richer and richer while working less and less.

However, as an employee you are required to work harder and harder until you retire, and if at all it is a pensionable job your pay is significantly decreased after retirement.

4.The benefit of network marketing is TIME FREEDOM.

Your time is under your control. But you don’t have control over your time if you’re an employee. Your employer has complete control over your time and, by extension, your life.

5.You must answer to and report to your boss as an employee.

In contrast, you are YOUR OWN BOSS in network marketing.

6.Job security is not promised to employees.

In contrast, you control the size of your network in network marketing.

7. Results from around the world have demonstrated that Network Marketing makes it simpler and quicker to become FINANCIALLY FREE than holding a job. The Network Marketing Industry has produced the second-highest number of NEW MILLIONAIRES in America and this number is also increasing in countries like Kenya, according to an annual report. More than 17.8 million Kenyans are already online with More than 1.2M of them working online.

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