In the currrent world having financial muscle is a need next to oxygen and that’s why we all work extra hard to put food on the table.And as many wants to be financial free from financial constraints, only few have managed to rich this level the unique word MILLIONAIRES or WEALTHY, so today I want to cover a few guideline or industries you can get into to get rich. Some are legal which others maybe illegal:


Yes, yes in the normal world set up most children are bound to inherit the wealth and property of their parents on the demise of the parents. Yes, this could be a good strategy to own wealth but it has more cons than pros. Because most families are broke/broken and suffering and there is nothing much to inherit. Again, this is a bad strategy especially if you aren’t born in a rich family background where the parents live the rat race. And again, what if the case like of queen Elizabeth where the queen died at 96 while the prince/son is at 60s… this is a long period of time to wait to inherit wealth.



This may also prompt bad wishes as the children may pray for the death of parents or do something weird in order to inherit the wealth of the parents. And then most families with wealth there is always may beneficiaries and conflicts especially of wealth sharing and to make it worse if the deceased left no will behind. So, is this a better strategy to be rich? There is a big no since over 95% of Kenyans are poor with nothing more than a piece of land and a name to leave behind.


We have seen superstars rising from scratch to fame and in every industry. When names like CR, Messi, Neymar, Churchill, Usain Bolt are mentioned they are familiar because of the impact they have brought into the industry they dominate in. It’s a stone-cold fact they started as nobody but now they have a surname of which they have invested a lot behind them. There so many people in the industries they are in but only few becomes outstanding names …. Yes, the entire production may be caused by a team but the icon name goes to one party mostly.  Success is promised but the curve is not straight there are a lot one has to put behind the scene.

One funny part is where are talking about making good use of a talent and 60% of the population don’t even know their talents wait yes you the reader do you know your talent??? Now if many don’t know their talent how are they going to make good use of it? So back to our Questions is this the best way to get rich? And is it duplicable?


Many people don’t like working, they want a soft like. They want a shortcut to richness. They are willing to do a little cheating here and there without the fear of who gets cut in the middle of the mix. Actually, some people eye the top positions so that they can enrich themselves faster. The public at times suffer because of the embezzlement of funds by those at the power position since the funds didn’t accomplish the intended purpose. We know of several facilities which weren’t set up, completed or in pathetic states because the people who were supposed to be responsible decided to enrich themselves.

Crime and corruption are indeed illegal but have you heard of the statement of the fish rots from the head? How will we fight a vice if the leaders at the top perpetrate it? And again, we all know crime doesn’t pay and many who engage in the acts many doesn’t have nice endings.

So back to the list. IS THIS A PERFECT WAY TO GET RICH? 


Yes, the next way to get rich is win a huge bet or lottery. Question is it even real people win bets? Yes, people win but you’ll agree with me that those who win verse those who lose are, the latter in more. Have you heard of Las Vegas? What is it known for? Yes, gambling a lot of things happens there many lives are lost there which have relation to gambling and as the city logo reads… WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS REMAINS IN VEGAS. The winner is even on mask to make it funny.

The probability or winning a lottery is like 1/100 because vast number have to lose for one person to win. And so many have to cry for one to laugh. And many who evens wins the lottery a good number gets broke barely 5yrs later the reasons as to that we’ll preserve for another post. Due it’s addictive nature someone may bet with their savings, salary and their only fortune leaving them with nothing to lean on. So, is LUCK THE BEST WAY TO BE RICH?


Without arguing with you you’ll agree with me the drug industry makes billions of money only that it’s illegal so they don’t get ranked. These drugs are costly but still moves faster than the products being advertised. By the way come to think of it. Have you ever seen an advert of marijuana on TV or on Newspaper? But how comes they sell more than the industries advertising their products. Yes selling drugs can get you rich quickly but there is a disclaimer. 1. IT’S ILLEGAL and you may find it rough with the law if caught. 2. It’s costly to run this business because most drugs are illegalized in most countries. And building a network as a beginner isn’t easy. So back to our question , IS THIS A BEST WAY TO GET RICH IN KENYA? 


You can also decide to invest in a big business-like real estate where you build an estate and lives on residual income from rents etc. You can ask invest in a boutique, stocks, bonds, Gold etc. But one this is these investments are what we call big risks even though they have great rewards but if you lose you lose big. And now that most people money is one of their big challenges, how many can raise Kshs. 1,000,000 and above to start a serious business or Kshs. 10M to real estate? The answer is only few can and because these businesses require one to be smart otherwise you may hit the rock blindly, you’re required to be good in other areas or be surrounded by smart people. So back to our list, IS THIS THE BEST WAY TO GET RICH?


Multi-level marketing or as normally referred to NETWORK MARKETING is the business of the 21st century in which most companies have employed to move their products/services. This is new concept in Africa where I can say is a business where a company gives you a chance to use their products/services at a discounted cost than corporate market price; and being given a chance to tell your friends about the products/services who can also tell their friends and as this network continues to grow you get paid on any product/service movement. If I buy soap, use the soap and when I tell a friend about the soap, I get paid when the friend buys the soap and when the friends tell their friends about the same soap me and the friend both gets paid.

The good part of this module is getting started may only cost a few bucks and you’re in business. So, if you want to learn more about this industry join a legit network marketing company which has physical 


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