Am Vasco Mwero a clinical officer in a hospital in Kwale county currently. I went to school just like any other child out there looking forward to a bright future. I came from a humble background so growing up I understood what it means to lack but my parents saw it I went to school through struggles. I always wanted to serve humankind and thus I was intrigued with this desire to be in the hospitality world. I finished my high school  and joined university to pursue Bachelor of medicine.

 got a job after 3 years of tarmacking as a junior clinical officer in a Hospital. I thought getting a job was a dream come true until I received my first paycheck. Ksh. 30, 000 gross salary. After deductions I received only Kshs. 26, 432. An amount which at first looked awesome , but when I started answering to my bills I was even better it wasn’t there. Because with 26k as junior doctor, when you pay rent, do shopping, support parents and do tithe, you are remaining with the paycheck slip only. 

 And at this moment I realized my dreams will take longer than I thought to be achieved under the employment wall. The work target was also demanding and competition from colleagues looking for favors from the above to get promotions. If you’ve ever been employed you definitely know what am talking about.

So, my quest for a side hustle began and God answered my quest when I came across a post of a lady, I call her my god sent in Facebook talking about making extra income using your smartphone. I didn’t wait for any minute I sent her a message inbox and shared with her my number and immediately opened her profile only to find her number, I texted her on WhatsApp and she took me through the guidance. This was during covid pandemic period around late 2020, and I had to attend a zoom session to understand the business concept since by then there were no physical meetings. I liked what I saw and got started and as she promised mentoring me, she coached me well and introduced me to a new family.


I found people ready to help others achieve their dreams and always available to coach someone hungry for success to achieve results in the business. I met great leaders in this profession achieving great results, people you can never get bored working with. I have met people from different races, tribes, religion, beliefs and all come together and work as a team. I loved working people can also have fun together and when you make mistakes brings you back to the right track and these I all found in this great business of the 21st century.

Right now, I make at least 50k monthly from the business working on part time basis. Over 50k extra income have done a lot for me, my life standard have changed, I support my siblings’ education, parents and also live in a good neighborhood, eat well and save good amount to fund my big dreams in life. Am way much ahead of most of my colleagues at work whose life depends wholesomely on salary. I also love the flexibility of the business in that I can do it anytime without interfering with my work schedule. And the fact that I have built a successful team also paying their bills courtesy of the business. It’s my joy seeing students, form four leavers, graduates, employed, jobless and youths getting started knowing nothing and months later and life testimonies and paying their bills and living their dreams lives or in the journey to Time and Financial Freedom.

Am right now considering quitting my job once my contract in over to do the business full time since I will achieve my ultimate goal in life here faster of serving mankind as one of my mentors I’ll introduce to you says, “SERVICE TO MANY LEADS TO GREATNESS”



A special thank you to Mdm Faith Chelimo a student at JKUAT as at the writing of this post for going out and sharing the business with me and holding my hand closely and guidance step by step in the business. You are a great pillar of my success in this career. Even though you undertake a demanding course but you are always creating time for your time. See you soon Upline in Nairobi again.


I can’t thank you enough Mr. TJ George for always being there for me whenever I needed help. You’ve played an integral role in my business growth, I can’t forget the midnight zoom sessions you organized for my sake to catch up faster in the business since day time my work schedule was tight to be online. The Dream chasers and entire Global Internet Fortunes is glad having you in this industry. You are always ready to serve as you always say , “IF YOU WANT TO BE GREAT, FIND A WAY TO SERVE THE MANY BECAUSE SERVICE TO MANY LEADS TO GREATNESS.” Keep the spirit mentor for always helping me put this story out to the world.


I can’t thank you enough Mr. Camillus Konjalo and Miss Coach Mwende for your continuous support towards my success in this business. Your relentless support not only to me but the entire team Champion Of Champions and GIF fraternity is priceless.  Thanks mentors for your continued support and guidance, protecting like a father and caring like a mother or vice versa just getting the protecting and caring done..


I want to thank whole heartedly the GIF support system led by our able CEO Mr. KIMATHI KAMUNDER and madam Director ESTHER KIMATHI for coming up with this great system that allows everyone to start from scratch and grow to the top and for your continued support in the growth of the business and your impacts in the business can be felt globally. Thank you, dad and mum.

5. Business Partners.

I special thank you goes to my team because everything I achieved was because of you. I couldn’t have done nothing without you. Feel tagged where you are including Mr. Jacob Ngali, Mr. Kimei Willy, Mdm Brenda Lihanda, Mr. Nickson Ogeto, Mdm Serah Malegua, Mr. Jomo Joseph, Mr. Mwanza Ngala, Mr. Samuel Ngoyo, Mdm Serah Mumbua, Mdm Jane Wambui, Mdm Mercy Daniel, Mdm Dorcas Jenipher just to mention but a few, I can’t tag all but you all hold a special place in my success. To the entire dream chasers fraternity let’s go beyond and continue working together and the guidance of our able uplines. To the entire GIF family, we have a better way and it’s my wish that we all decide to go pro and tell the world about it because we hold the solution to the current economic situation and rising unemployment rate.


Don’t spectate for long make a bold decision to be part of us since there are people less qualified than you doing what you’re afraid of doing. For all getting started we promised you our paramount support In the business. Be part of us today and start your journey to Time and Financial Freedom and being your own boss today.



  1. Wow,, what an Inspiring story of you my Mentor. I am even Speechless,, Thank you very much for the time that you take to coach me,, I can’t be able to pay your good doings but may the almighty God Add you more years and bless you forever.

  2. The story it’s too amazing 🔥🔥. Of course the journey of 1000 miles starts with only one step. Congratulations to Mr Vasco Mwero a doctor and mentor to many🙏. Taking action was the best decision that you ever took for your financial control. I personally agree that SERVICE TO MANY LEADS TO GREATNESS and looking forward to achieving more in life under your mentorship.

    1. Yes for sure we have a great opportunity and way online and for anyone who want to build a legacy online. Keep zeal and tomorrow is indeed more promising

      1. What an inspiring story, the greatest Mentor we have. These really motivates me to pull up my socks. Congratulations leader and keep up the good work.
        success goes for those who work for it👏

        1. Yes yes, from testimonials and personal experience we have enough information to conclude that it’s possible to design and live an extraordinary lifestyle.

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