i\’d like to put this great topic everyone goes through in my own perspective.


I believe we all go through the school system to be educated elite get good papers and get good jobs , earn high income and live good life and die and go where your religion says it\’s better to go.

But in the process of thinking through the whole of this concept I realized there is a gap growing somewhere : _the gap between the rich and the poor is widening and it\’s also becoming hectic to convince the upcoming generation that education is the key to success yet we are surrounded with broke lecturers ft teachers with rich criminals_.

So to try and explain the reason behind this in the very belief as to why I strongly believe there is 200% more than being in a classroom to being successful.



Chapter 1: Origin Of Schooling

From the stone age time to agrarian revolution time , most of human activities was farming based and therefore human labor was highly needed which made humans to learn and adapt faster to changing environment. In the process with human brain advancement people developed new tools and with no time came the iron tools to replace stone and wood made tools making work more easier and simpler.

Of course learning didn\’t stop there as there was still high gaps to be filled in the farm and since people worked together as a team , leadership skills and governance emerged which led to governments. And with governments to manage work of people the fast pioneers of these governance family realized the need to have massive lands for themselves and in turn have laborers working for them and pay them.

Then a need to make laboring easier emerged and geniuses emerged too in the invention field to make new farm tools of course they still needed human help which led to the next face of the world INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION

Different factories emerged to process, manufacture and package farm products as machinery was also on high gears of inventions. With this, new ranks emerged like Managers , accountants , supervisors to enable smooth running of this companies and therefore there arose need to learn communication and math to balance sheet and the stuffs . Need for schooling emerged and people who got employed with the companies got paid and a lot changes took place which I\’ll share more in later chapter of employment in later topics.

Chapter 2: Education Age

So with emerging chances in the companies to work as either Lawyer, Doctor, teacher, Pilot and top known professional sectors The need to be educated rose and it was a necessity to go to school to be successful in life. And one of the subjects which was key was mathematics because almost over 95% of the careers needed it and if you were challenged with mathematics you already lost it in most fields.

By this time countries had camouflaged different education systems most from colonial western countries which colonized the land. And the step was:
1.Go to school
2.Get Good Grades
3. Get A Job In A Company
4. Work For 40yrs
6. Retire At 60yrs And Live On Pension

This analogy went until around 70s when there was a realisation by companies on need to change as they could bare the burden . So A new phase emerged which has is also still seen up to now. The new stair case was:

1a. Go To School
2b. Get Good Papers
3c. Look For A high Paying Job
4d. Work With The Company For 2-5yrs
5e. Change Companies Looking For Greener Pastures
6f. Continue Working After Age 60 Since No Freedom Financially Yet

I know you must have known of a few uncles who are still working at over 60yrs and are still struggling in life. You must have also seen people moving from one job to another. You must have also seen people making huge money in their jobs but die broke. Then you must also be on fo-front not to see your parents as the best mentors to follow especially when it comes to what should you do to be successful. You must have also heard of the story of musicians , politicians and celebrities making huge money and 5yrs later are broke or dies broke , depressed and frustrated.


Chapter 3: Job Market

It\’s true The word unemployment isn\’t new to you and is one of the most widely discussed topics especially after schooling. Now Before I talked more on this here let me introduce the Word EMPLOYMENT..

Chapter 4: Employment.

As we\’ve discussed earlier, employment started in the agrarian revolution time and improved or increased much in the industrial revolution time. Human labor was indeed on high demand up to mid 20th century when information age started crawling in. machines had been invented to replace human labor and so much advancements were ongoing…. By the time we were closing the century the world was indeed taking a very different journey or dimension especially when it comes to economic, technology and finance sector. Vast of robotic machines were already in place to take in  human labor compared to when working for an industry. Company was very needful in the 70s, 80s before the job market revolutions\’.

When the world changed, something remained unchanged….THE EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM. Our children up to now are still being taught concepts which worked best during the colonial time and industrial time, and since it\’s an information age, when they graduate many find things very different in the ground level… 

so it isn\’t unfamiliar to see a medical student who spent 6yrs in medical school becoming a dj or even a form 4 leaver who scored a C+ starting to hustle and starts up a business to later employ university graduates in his hustle business generated.

Look around and tell me how many businesses in your region do you know which are owned by graduates compared to those owned by school drop outs as you call them. Actually we are now in stage where Graduates are looking for jobs and drop outs are providing the jobs.



    1. All dreams are possible with the right vehicle and good work ethics.. I believe you can make it out now believe in yourself Cleophas.

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